148Apps Reviews Just Go Golf

The first review for the first game from Just Go Games is in, and the results are pretty much what we were going for.

The review from Jennifer Allen on 148Apps gave use 3.5 starts overall, praising the innovative way Just Go Golf gets the player to actively participate in their golf experience. The review fairly criticized the visuals, which are high contrast and very simple by design so that it can be properly seen while playing indoors or with the glare of the outdoor sun.

From the review: Just Go Golf won’t be winning any prizes for its looks because, really, it looks kind of ropey. It does gain points for innovation though, being an interesting way of encouraging you to walk more while having fun.

Overall, this is pretty much what I was going for. Thanks Ms. Allen and 148Apps for the review!

Read the full review at 148Apps.com!

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