Day of Golf at Disney World's Magic Kingdom

Just Go Golf is our new mobile app that gives the player a true "day of golf" experience by simulating both the swinging of the club and the walk in between shots.

When I was developing this game and considering all of the places people might play it, I gave quite a bit of thought to Walt Disney World. My thought progression can be summarized as follows:
  1. It would be fun to treat the parks as your personal golf course. Where would be more fun to play golf than the happiest place on Earth?
  2. Wait... people go to Disney to enjoy the activities and attractions there. Who would want to pay admission just to come in and do something they can do in their own neighborhood?
  3. People who want to pass the time standing in line and walking between attractions.

So I spent a day running around Disney World and enjoyed all that I could there. I did not go just to play Just Go Golf, Just Go Golf came along for the ride. Join me on another odyssey of golf, puzzled looks from passerbys and horrible selfies. Here are the results of our Golf outing to the Magic Kingdom!

Started at the hub heading towards Adventureland. I appropriately got a birdie by the time I got to the Enchanted Tiki Room.

After a walk up and down the Swiss Family Treehouse the 2nd hole ended at the Jungle Cruise.

OK I am cheating. The boat is doing the walking for me (not quite fast enough for the game to label me a cheater). As you can see it is far more difficult to swing on a moving boat.

That's more like it. A birdie in time for the back side of water! 

Got the hang of half-swing on the boat. Sunk a birdie at the feet of Trader Sam.

Should have waited to tee off. No time for a Dole Whip. 

Back in the routine of walking and standing upright, I was able to get a birdie here at Casey's.

Souvenir shopping on Main Street, playing through the Emporium.

Going up to the train, even par at the Train Station.

Sorry, letting the train walk for me this time. Finished the 10th hole in time to see the tarp covering the backstage of Adventureland.

Here is the station at Splash Mountain. Doing a fake swing on the train can be done but apparently not well.

Out of my feet and in Storybook Circus. This is a nice place to walk and look around.

Rough double bogey but met a friend on the 13th hole.

Must be dizzy after Dumbo. Leaving Storybook Circus on a sour note but going for some treats.

15th hole - a LeFou's brew has put me back in the game at Gaston's.

Got a birdie playing through the Fastpass line of Space Mountain.

I did not attempt to play on Carousel of Progress. Took a break and then finished the 17th hole on the way out of Tomorrowland. 

I was hoping the get a grand 18th hole shot with the castle. This hole is hard and I was not on my game. By the time I hit a few into space, retried and made it to the castle with my penalties, I missed 2 putts and had moved with the crowd into the castle. (I was not going to make them walk around me so I could play; remember your manners players).

A great day at the Magic Kingdom with a bonus of a round of golf. I did learn a few things on the way.
  1. Do not underestimate the Galaxy Greens course.
  2. This was fun to play when walking from thing to thing. Since I am a planner and fastpass guy, we normally walked through most of the queues. I think that if you actually wanted to play this in line you would want to play the golf cart mode. If you had to wait in line, I think that having to wait for the people in front of you to move so that you could walk 250 yards would double the frustration.
  3. The game would probably make more sense at a place like Downtown Disney where you are on your feet moving most of the time.

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