Day of Golf at Mall of America

Just Go Golf is our new mobile app that gives the player a true "day of golf" experience by simulating both the swinging of the club and the walk in between shots.

Over the course of developing and testing the game, I have played many rounds of golf that were fully outside or a combination of inside and out; but I had not played an entire round of golf indoors. As it is still relatively cold in Minnesota, I decided to get some activity and try playing the game at the largest mall in the United States, the Mall of America. With the promise of visiting the Microsoft and LEGO stores at the end, my son joined me for this outing.

Join me on another odyssey of golf, puzzled looks from passerbys and horrible selfies. Here are the results of our Mall of America Golf outing!

We got there early (about 9:45) so that we could walk and play for awhile before it got too busy. We entered on the 3rd floor and chose to play the Itasca Pines course. We started with a lap around 3rd floor. By the time I hit the birdie we had made it around to the mini golf course (which was still closed). 

When we finished the 2nd hole we were another 3rd of the way around 3rd floor. I took the picture with the lights hanging from the ceiling. 

Birdie on 3rd and we were by the smaller food court and the hallway full of restaurants.

We happened upon the Barbie Dream House experience when finishing the 4th hole and snapped a shot with Barbie's Dream Car. 

It was becoming clear that walking the equivalent of a full 18 holes might mean traversing the entire mall so we headed up to 4th. A long putt after the escalator sunk by Dick's Last Resort.

After walking most of the 4th I finished the 6th hole right outside the House of Comedy. Since it was still before 10:30 it wasn't yet open. 

We traveled down to start our lap of 2nd floor. I will admit to cheating, as a few of my yards walked were actually done by the escalator. Walking through a GameStop in the middle of playing a game raises all sorts of philosophical questions, but we checked out the new Nintendo games.

I think I was trying to take a picture of something, but by now we were waling among a fair number of other people.

Birdie! (Eagle actually).

By this time my son had gotten the idea that I didn't really take these photos seriously.

11th hole finished on 2nd floor above the LEGO store.

We were almost done on 2nd when I got another eagle on the 12th hole. I happen to be really good at fake golf.

Down on 1st floor, we finished the 13th hole near Build a Bear Workshop and I had to decide which bear I was going to take my selfie score photo with. I chose HULK.

We're finishing our lap around 1st before going into Nickelodeon Universe, but I stopped outside for a picture with Dora on 14th.

The Easter Bunny was taking pictures at the end of the 15th hole. He didn't look like he would appreciate me playing through. 

Finished the 16th hole at the foot of the Microsoft Store, where we were checking out a new laptop for the kids. No offense to the Apple Store across the hall; because as you may have guessed I do a fair bit of business with them.

As I started to finish the 17th hole we doubled back to the LEGO store to check things out. 

Half a lap around Nickelodeon Universe brought us to the end of the 18th hole. We tried to choose a good landmark to take our picture with and landed on Spongebob's Rock Bottom Plunge.

All in all it was a good morning. We played 18 holes and learned a few things along the way.

  1. "Running to the Mall for a quick round of golf" isn't like running to the store for a loaf of bread. Playing and walking a full 18 holes of golf (even though, in the app, you don't have to walk between holes) takes a fair amount of time. Even being the creator-of-the-game-who-knows-all-the-tricks-having-his-best-game-ever, it took nearly 2 solid hours to play and walk the entire round.
  2. The Mall of America is almost perfectly sized for 18 holes of golf. We walked all 4 floors and a lap around Nickelodeon Universe.
  3. At destinations like the Mall, Just Go Golf seems to work really best as a supplement to other activities. For example, I don't think I would go during busy shopping times only to walk & golf; but if I were in one of the Mall's walking clubs that walk in the mornings, or if I played passively in between shops, rides and food I think the added activity and challenge would add fun to the day.

For those of you wanting to enjoy a day of golf at the mall, or playing a few holes to pass the time shopping, all courses in Just Go Golf can be played for free! Just get the free version of the game and start your game at the Mall!

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