Day of Golf Around the World at Epcot

Just Go Golf is our new mobile app that gives the player a true "day of golf" experience by simulating both the swinging of the club and the walk in between shots.

In a previous golf outing I played Just Go Golf during a day at Disney World's Magic Kingdom. I found Just Go Golf worked well as a passive experience, where the day wasn't focused on playing but the game added excitement and challenge into those brief moments of downtime (walking in between attractions and standing in line). A day at Epcot (especially World Showcase) means a day spent walking and exploring. I wanted to see how Just Go Golf filled in the gaps between attractions.

I went to Epcot for a full day of fun, walked around the world, and played some golf as I traveled. Join me on another odyssey of golf, puzzled looks from passerbys and horrible selfies. Here are the results of my trip golfing around the world at Epcot!

I teed off before crossing from the parking lot to the bag check. By the time we got past the fountain by the Leave a Legacy monuments, I had sunk a birdie. Spaceship Earth is selfie #1.

We walked to Mission Space. Along the way I missed 2 putts and settled for a bogey.

The 3rd hole took me to the Universe of Energy, which was unfortunately not open until 10.

We crossed Future World which was enough distance to walk through the fairly big 4th hole to Journey into Imagination with Figment.

Played through Image Works and shot par again in time for the Seas with Nemo and Friends.

On our way to World Showcase, I hit a birdie and stopped at Club Cool.

First stop in my round of golf around the world: Canada. We were on our way to lunch so we planned to come back later.

A quick walk to the United Kingdom was all I needed for the 8th hole as I sunk a birdie. I didn't even need to play through the hedge maze as planned.

I scored par on the 9th hole in France. We planned to grab a bit to eat at Boulangerie Patisserie.

From France we walked to Morocco. I shot another birdie. We walked through the shops before heading to Japan.

Over par after making it to Japan.

Half way around the world, I shot par on the 12th hole at the American Adventure. 

A short par 3 in Italy.

I hit an Eagle on the 14th hole in Germany, having been inspired by the motherland.

Crossed the bridge and shot under par on the way to China.

I was seeking the spirit of Norway and shot another birdie right outside the Stave Church.

I wasn't quite finished but I decided it was time to celebrate in Mexico at La Cava del Tequilla. Unlike in Norway, I was able to find the Maelstrom.

Having golfed around the world, we headed back to the Future (World) for the 18th hole. Time for Soarin'!

It was a great day of golfing around the world at Epcot, and a few lessons were learned along the way.
  1. Just Go Golf seems to work best as an enhancement to another activity. If you like to walk or hike, (or have a day full of activities between which you will be walking), Just Go Golf adds another layer of fun to it. Because it doesn't require constant focus while you are walking, it turns your walk into a game in a passive way that doesn't detract from the real experience you are having. 
  2. Due to Epcot being more spread out (and part of the experience being walking to explore the countries of World Showcase) the game was far easier to play and made more sense than at Magic Kingdom.  
  3. La Cava del Tequilla is good.

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