Just Go Golf Moving Players in Italy

It's always fun to learn that your creations are being enjoyed though the barriers of distance and language. In Italy, people are enjoying a little fake golf with their outdoor strolls. Italian App site Macity has a new review.

Just Go Golf is not just a game of golf, but a real personal trainer. Indeed, on closer inspection, the discipline of golf takes second place to the aim of the application, you want to push the user to walk, travel miles on foot, lose calories and, more generally, to make the healthy exercise.

Or at least, that is what Google Translate tells me. The trend of these reviews has been falling into line with my expectations.

The basic idea is, without doubt, the original even though in the long run might seem repetitive and even take time to a simpler jogging session. In any case, just to the users a bit 'lazy people, who like to be challenged, could be a valid reason to get up off the couch to make long walks outdoors.

You can find Macitynet's review here!

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