How to Play Just Go Golf

Just Go Golf is a mobile game that gives you a true outdoor golf experience. Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about how to play Just Go Golf.

Course Selection

Choose your course by clicking the corresponding course icon.

This screen also lets you customize how you want to play Just Go Golf. You have the option of selecting whether to walk between strokes (default) or automatically move to your next stroke using the golf cart. Touch the cart button if your particular situation doesn’t allow you to safely walk the virtual course.

About Location Services

The default mode is walking mode. If location services (GPS) are not available, the program automatically utilizes the internal pedometer feature which tracks your movement by detecting your steps. If the golf cart mode is selected, you will automatically be virtually moved to where your ball landed.

Setup Options

Use this screen to customize your experience. Touch Done when you are finished.

  • Touch the color grid to change the color of your golfer avatar
  • To enable accurate calorie calculation – enter in your weight, you can select LBS or KG by touching the LBS button. This option also automatically changes the measurements from Yards to Metres
  • To enable “finger swing mode” or “virtual swing mode” (default), touch the swing button
  • Touch the Hand to switch between a Right or Left handed swing
  • Touch the Measure button to switch between showing distances in Yards and Meters
  • Touch the Weight Box to enter your weight in pounds or Kg (this will be used to calculate calories burned)
  • Slide the GPS button between efficiency or accuracy (the rate at which the GPS will refresh), lower accuracy will extend battery life of your device

  • Course Map

    This screen shows your progress as you walk towards the next stroke. Walk the distance of your shot anywhere outdoors to reach the ball. When you have reached the ball, touch Swing to proceed.

    Before proceeding, you can also touch the map if you would like to aim your next shot somewhere other than directly towards the pin.


    Select your club by touching the head of the club and dragging it upward, out of the bag.


    Simply point your device downward and touch the club to the arrow or ball until the arrow disappears and the device chimes. Then slowly mimic the movement of a golf swing. The degree of angle at which the device is held determines the strength of swing, not the speed at which the device is swung.

    Only a calm, controlled and fluid motion will produce a full powered and accurate swing. Do not swing in a fast, aggressive or uncontrolled manner. In addition to presenting added risk to your device, yourself, and those around you, the power and accuracy will be very inconsistent within the game.

    Users that don’t feel comfortable with this motion or are in an area that doesn’t safely allow it, have the choice of utilizing the touch screen to virtually swing the club. When this option is selected, simply touch the golf ball to start the swing process then set the angle of the club. The higher the angle, the more power your swing will have. When you have it at the angle you would like, touch the golf ball again and the club will swing accordingly. iPad users are required to use this option.


    When you have finished a hole you will be shown your current score and estimated calorie count (if not using the golf cart).

    Touch Photo to take a picture with your score to commemorate your achievement. This picture will be saved to your camera roll like any photo you take with the standard Camera application.

    You must enable access to the pictures for Just Go Golf when prompted. If you need to enable access in the future you can do so in the Settings of your device. These photos will be saved to your device and will not be shared through the Just Go Golf application. They are standard photos, so you can share them through any other means you would like.

    Touch Next to play the next hole. When you have completed the course, your score can be submitted to iOS Game Center.

    You must enable access to the pictures for Just Go Golf when prompted. If you need to enable access in the future you can do so in the Settings of your device (instructions).

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