Just Go Golf

Just Go Golf is a mobile game that provides an active outdoor golfing experience. Players choose their club and swing their phone or device as though they were holding a golf club. Players must then walk the distance of their shot to reach their ball and take their next swing. Just Go Golf provides all the activity of a full round of golf anywhere you would like to play! Just Go Golf is free; and the entire game is opened to players who walk the course!

 Get Just Go Golf!
Get Just Go Golf!

Playing is Easy!
Pick your club, swing, walk and repeat!
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Where can I play Just Go Golf?
Just Go Golf can be played anywhere in the world with your iPhone or other iOS device. Play indoors to practice your golf swing, play outdoors to enjoy the full experience!

  • Realistic golf swing movement using phone or device
  • GPS services track walking distance between shots
  • Multiple courses featuring a variety of obstacles and challenges
  • New events and challenges, special events on specified dates and times
  • Driving range and golf cart for indoor or stationary play
  • Calorie and distance counters track the status of your physical activity
  • Share-able "souvenir photos" commemorate your best scores and accomplishments
  • The more you walk, the more courses you can play!