New Mobile Game Provides Fun, Healthy, Outdoor Golfing Experiences

Play a Round of Golf Anywhere in the World with Just Go Golf 

Minneapolis, MN – December 16, 2014, Just Go Games L.L.C., a company dedicated to making exciting mobile applications that encourage physical activity and imaginative play announces the launch of its first game experience, “Just Go Golf”.

Just Go Golf is a mobile app that provides all the activity of a full round of golf. Players gently swing their phone or device as though they were holding a golf club, and then walk the distance of their shot before taking the next one. Just Go Golf can be played in parks, malls, trails, sidewalks, or any safe outdoor setting, and features a gold cart and driving range for indoor and stationary play.

Just Go Golf also features calorie and distance scores so players can see the health benefit of using their technologies. Players can snap share-able “souvenir photos” that commemorate their best scores and accomplishments. Just Go Golf features multiple courses for a variety of challenges, with more on the way.

Just Go Golf is available on the App Store for the iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Just Go Games L.L.C., is the innovative pioneer of mobile technology that combines realistic physical activity with imaginative play to create immersive experiences that are fun and healthy. For more information about Just Go Games, please visit the company’s website at

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